We as the manufacturer grant you a warranty of 2 years from the date of purchase for your newly purchased and originally packaged Cyrus product or 6 months on the battery. All further details regarding warranty and warranty registration can be found here.

Warranty conditions

Only the following warranty conditions apply,
Last update 10.08.2018.


fromCyrus Technology GmbH,
Hergelsbendenstraße 49, 52080 Aachen

All Cyrus products meet the highest quality standards. For this reason, we as the manufacturer are happy to provide you, the end customer, a free guarantee based on the following conditions:

We provide a guarantee by repairing any fault (at our option: repair or replacement by a new model) free of charge which may be caused by a material or manufacturing defect within the guarantee period. The warranty period for your newly purchased and originally packed Cyrus product is 2 years (6 months for rechargeable batteries) and begins from the date of purchase of your product. This manufacturer’s warranty does not affect any statutory warranty claims which you as a consumer may have against the seller under applicable law, including special consumer protection provisions.

The services described here apply in addition to the statutory warranty claims and do not limit or replace them. All replaceable wearing parts are expressly excluded from this guarantee.

Furthermore, the guarantee does not apply to:
» in the event of wear and tear of product parts or any defects on the Cyrus product caused by the user or other natural wear and tear,
» if the product is not used for its intended purpose or improperly or if the operating instructions are disregarded,
» if attachments, conversions or other modifications have been made to the product without authorization, or if defects have been caused by the use of accessories, supplementary equipment or spare parts which are not original Cyrus parts,
» if maintenance and care of the products have not been carried out in accordance with the operating instructions,
» if mounting and installation have not been carried out in accordance with the installation regulations of Cyrus Technology GmbH,
» in the event of damage or loss in transit.

The warranty applies to all Cyrus products purchased and used in Germany/Austria/Switzerland and put into circulation by Cyrus Technology GmbH or one of its distributors. German law is applicable to the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.
Purchase of goods (CISG).


If you want to complain about your product, please send an e-mail with the original proof of purchase to your distributor or directly to us at service@cyrus-technology.de. We therefore recommend that you keep your proof of purchase in a safe place until the end of the warranty period. We assume no liability for transport costs and risks in connection with the return shipment.

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