With a Cyrus Phone you are relying on the highest quality. Should a complaint nevertheless be necessary, repair work should be carried out exclusively by us or our authorized service partners. This ensures the safety and reliability of your Cyrus phone, and the repair of your device is carried out in a fast, competent and reliable manner.

Repair / Complaint Procedure

Download and print repair order form

Fill out repair order form

Attach repair order form, device and copy of invoice

Send to us

Cyrus Germany
Cyrus Technology GmbH
Hergelsbendenstraße 49
52080 Aachen

Cyrus US
80 Pine Street
Floor 24
New York, NY 10005

Service Center US
+1 646-537-7639

Information flow

1. Complaint summitted

In the event of a complaint, our service centres will be happy to assist you.
For our customers from Germany, we have our own service workshop in Aachen which can carry out all repair work on your Cyrus Phone. Please send your package including outdoor phone, repair order and a copy of the invoice to the following address:
Cyrus Technology GmbH
Hergelsbenden road 49
52080 Aachen

And we also have a partner service workshop on site for our customers from Switzerland:
Mobiletouch AG
Spinnerei Lettenstrasse
8192 Zweidlen

And also for our customers in North America:
+1 786 460 8858

And in South America:
+57 (1) 6513775

2. Content / scope of the submission

Apart from your outdoor phone submitting the following two documents

  • Copy of invoice and
  • Repair order

is absolutely necessary in order to process your request. Incorrect and incomplete information on delivery, unfortunately, considerably delays the repair. We therefore ask you in your own interest to follow these instructions.

It is not necessary to send in other accessories such as a power supply unit, USB cable, etc. unless the complaint includes them or could be affected by them (e.g. the USB cable in the event of charging problems).

Cyrus Technology GmbH will not be held responsible in the event of loss of accessories such as SIM or SD cards.

3. Duration and procedure of the repair

Your device will be electronically registered by us upon receipt of the product. If you have entered an e-mail address in your repair order, you will automatically be informed about the receipt of your product/complaint, as well as the expected processing time, after registration has been completed. Should any questions arise during the processing, costs arise, etc., our employees will of course contact you. Otherwise you will automatically receive your device back after successful repair.

4. Long-term warranty

From the date of purchase, you receive a manufacturer’s warranty of six months on the battery and two years on all the other components of your outdoor phone. This manufacturer’s warranty is limited to servicing in the event of a complaint.

A warranty that goes beyond the manufacturer’s warranty and/or includes a separate service is not offered by us, the manufacturer, but by individual distributors. If you have prolonged your warranty when you purchase your outdoor phone, please contact your contract partner after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

5. Data backup

  • Backup using an external software: The management of a device with an external software is particularly suitable if you want to manage several devices or simply to have an overview of your own data at all times. Programs for this are available in the Google Play Store. The utilisation of the programs is usually described by the providers of the app.
  • Backup with a Micro-SD card: The backup of your data (not the phone contacts) can be done via the installed File Explorer/Dateimanager. Here you can see all available media and manage the data accordingly. For example, if you want to copy, cut or delete an item, tap and hold the file(s), then select the appropriate option.
  • There is an option “Import/Export” in the Contacts app for securing phone contacts. First select the contacts to be exported by tapping and holding, click on the menu at the top right corner of the screen and select “Import/Export”. You will now be asked for a source, select “Phone” and then “Next”. Then you will be asked for the destination. Select the Micro SD card you have inserted and confirm with “OK”. A message should now appear informing you about the export of the contacts. You can see the progress of the export in the notification bar.
  • Backup via e-mail accounts (cloud): Backup here is usually done via synchronization with a previously created account. If you have not created an account, please add one first: Via the settings/account you can add a new account of your choice. As soon as the account has been set up with the correct access data, it is linked to the device. In the options of the saved account, you can select the content to be synchronized. Now, if an account is saved in it and the synchronization of the contacts is checked, the contacts will be synchronized.

Most email providers offer cloud storage to back up the remaining data on your device. An app for linking the storage is often also offered. In this case, search for the app on Playstore and set up your access with the required access data. You can also make synchronization settings here, as soon as the link is established.

Skipped Display.

Tempered glass checked?

In addition to the built-in gorilla glass display, our devices are equipped ex works with a hard glass display protector.
Are you afraid that your screen has cracked? In most cases, it is only our tempered glass display protection film – so please check first if not only the film is splintered before sending the device in for repair. You can easily reorder the protective film by sending an e-mail to with your contact details.
For further assistance please have a look at our FAQs.

Any difficulties?


We are happy to be available for you and for your service requests, every working day by telephone from 9.00-12.00am and 2.00-6.00pm.