Disinfect phones

Disinfect Phones


Any residues on the cell phone, such as grease and dirt, enable viruses to take hold there. Our hands are the biggest carriers, as we operate the devices with them. We regularly remember to wash and disinfect our hands. To protect ourselves even better from infection, we should also clean our phones just as regularly.

Thanks to the resistance to water in all our Cyrus phones and tablets, treatment with disinfectant is also possible without any problems. Make sure that the disinfectant actually destroys viruses and not just bacteria. Alcohol-based products are usually the best choice. Proceed as follows when cleaning your device:

First, all connection seals as well as the SIM compartment must be closed. Make sure that everything is tightly sealed before bringing the device into contact with liquids. We recommend cleaning the Cyrus Phone or Tablet as usual before disinfecting. This is also possible under running water.

Treat your smartphone as if it were completely contaminated with viruses. When disinfecting, do not forget a single spot on the device: even if it seems to be enough to disinfect only the screen of the smartphone, because apparently only there is dirt.