The standard Cyrus products withstand water, dust and shock, are equipped with long-life batteries and have a number of useful features. This makes them the ideal companion for diverse areas of application.


Between machines and production lines, there is a lot of potential for smart technology, but also many challenges. A device must perform diverse tasks without becoming defective at the first drop. Cyrus Technology's products meet these requirements. With Android operating system, push-to-talk function and many other features, they can play all roles.

Construction industry

On the construction site, every device must be robust, resistant and reliable - even a smartphone. Dust, water and vibrations must not be a challenge for the hardware. This is where products from Cyrus Technology come in. For any position, whether as a conventional smartphone, or as a custom-built product, Cyrus delivers the full-featured functionality of a smartphone with unparalleled durability.

Security services

Security services often work not only in aggravated but also in dangerous situations. The devices of the employees must also withstand this pressure. Products from Cyrus Technology are made for such situations. With full smartphone functionality with excellent resistance, they are perfect for any environment. They offer fast communication, localization and high protection with dedicated SOS buttons. Choose a device that is as reliable in an emergency situation as the service that uses it. Choose Cyrus.

Agriculture and forestry

If you work mainly outdoors, you need a smartphone that can always accompany you. Defects caused by falling, water or dust are aggravations for which there is no time in agriculture and forestry. With products from Cyrus Technology, you don't have to worry about that. Thanks to excellent resistance, the products are with you in any situation. Whether in the field, in the forest or in the attitude; due to long battery runtimes and full smartphone functionality, devices from Cyrus Technology are a faithful companion in any environment.


In no other place are security requirements for communications technology as important as in government agencies. For this reason, technology requirements are often very specific. Some features are desired, while others should not be usable. Cyrus Technology understands the importance of these requirements and is able to meet them. In addition to customizing device features, Cyrus can take steps to provide even higher levels of data security than traditional smartphones can offer. No matter how specific your security requirements are, Cyrus can advise you and design the perfect device to meet your needs.

Transport & logistics

In logistics, the flow of information is as important as the rapid movement of goods. Cyrus Technology products are ideal here, at every step of the supply chain. Scanning labels, communicating in and between warehouses, and tracking deliveries are made faster, more efficient and easier. All with the knowledge that the devices will survive the rigors of logistics. Rugged hardware and advanced software are the hallmarks of Cyrus technology, making it the perfect companion for warehouse operators, suppliers and freight forwarders.

Hotel & gastronomy

In the hospitality and restaurant industry, the customer comes first. With Cyrus Technology devices, you can optimize your customers' experience. Whether it's shift planning, orders, booking overviews or as a fast communication channel, Cyrus Technology products meet all requirements. Thanks to their resilience, you can rely on the devices, even under hectic conditions. Bring more organization and speed to your company's daily work and thus achieve a pleasant experience for your employees and your customers.

Care services

For the care service, the person is the top priority. To do justice to this, a caregiver must work accurately, reliably and quickly. These requirements play a major role; from medication dosage, to fast information paths, to shift planning. Cyrus Technology devices accompany you in your most important tasks. Due to the extensive functions of a smartphone, they can be used for diverse purposes. This and the durability that characterizes Cyrus Technology products make them the ideal device for any caregiver and any location.



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